Iraqi provincial officials condemn Iranian regime ambassador’s visit

A number of provincial council members in Nineveh have protested against a visit by the Iranian regime’s ambassador, Hassan Danaifar, to the provincial capital Mosul, saying that the council was not informed about the visit ahead of time.

Al-Sharqiya TV channel reported on Wednesday that the council members emphasized that the popular sentiments in the province should be respected. The people, they said, reject economic cooperation with the Iranian regime and will boycott products imported from Iran.

One of Nineveh’s councilmen told al-Sharqiya TV, “The provincial council was not aware of this visit. We have received a large number of constituent calls from tribal leaders, non-government organizations, regular citizens, teachers and doctors who have condemned the visit.”

He added, “A significant number of Nineveh residents have been missing since the Iran-Iraq war and their fate remains unknown. Moreover, the Iranian regime’s trade with Iraq, which includes exporting of weapons and armed individuals to Iraq, is unacceptable for the people of Nineveh and we must know what goes on during these visits.”

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