Iraqi Prime Ministry issues arrest warrant for Iraqi lawyers of Ashraf residents

 According to reports received from inside the terrorist Quds Force, Iraq’s Prime Ministry, in order to implement the demands of the religious fascism ruling Iran, has issued new instructions to intensify the suppression and pressure against the Ashraf residents. Among others are issuing arrest warrants on the Iraqi lawyers of Ashraf residents and the annulment of residents’ complaints.

In this regard, Abdul-Hussein Shemmari, the police chief of the Diyala province, in a letter dated  February 6, 2011 addressed to the police of Khalis (the town near Ashraf), based on the Iraqi Prime Ministry’s instruction dated January 31, has annulled all complaints of Ashraf residents lodged with the Khalis police and has ordered to arrest the lawyers of Ashraf residents on the charge of lodging the residents’ complaints with the judge of Khalis court. The Ashraf residents’ complaint is against the agents of the clerical regime who have been involved in suppression, murder and psychological torture of the residents for the past two years.
The Iraqi lawyers of Ashraf residents have assumed the power of attorney for the residents legally and officially. For the past two years, the Iraqi government and forces, in violation of all the pertinent laws, have prevented the lawyers from entering Ashraf and visiting their clients.
In his instruction, Diyala police chief referred to the Prime Ministry’s order in 2008 and reiterated: “Cooperation with the terrorist organization of PMOI, by any organization, political party, institution, and Iraqi or foreign individual inside Iraq is prohibited and anyone attempting to cooperate will be dealt with according to the anti-terrorism law and hence shall be handed over to the Iraqi judiciary.”

It is notable that Shemmari has been charged with crime against international community and summoned by the Court of Spain for commanding the criminal assault on Ashraf on July 28-29, 2009; he should appear before the judge in Madrid on March 8, 2011.

Suppressive measures such as annulling complaints of Ashraf residents and ordering arrest of their lawyers, with comparable acts only found in the Iran ruled by fascist clerics, unveils the dimensions of submissiveness of the office of the Iraqi prime ministry and its committee to suppress Ashraf to the Iranian regime and its ominous plans to create a humanitarian catastrophe in Ashraf.

The Iranian Resistance condemns the silence in face of such barbarism and the stampeding of the law, and reminds the U.S. government and the United Nations of their responsibility to protect Ashraf residents. It calls on the UN Secretary General and his special representative in Iraq, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the U.S. Ambassador and the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq to assume their responsibilities in protecting Ashraf residents and to station a permanent team from UNAMI in Ashraf to prevent another human catastrophe by the Iraqi forces.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 10, 2011

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