Iraqi politicians demand PMOI members be recognized as refugees

Azzaman daily, Paris,– Former advisor to the Iraqi premier Adel Barwari called for members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in Camp Liberty to be recognized as political refugees, emphasizing the United States, Europe and the United Nations have provided them with such a status.
In his remarks last Wednesday, Barwari said we call on the government to recognize PMOI members as political refugees, not members of a terrorist organization. The US, Europe and the UN have recently taken similar measures and following their removal from the terrorist list, entitled with the status of refugees, he continued.

They are welcomed by us in Iraq and we called on the central government to provide for all their humane services, Barwari explained, adding this is the right of these refugees to live their lives as they choose and they have complete freedom in this regard.
Kurdistan coalition member Jamil Adel also called for PMOI members be entitled as refugees, stressing Iraq’s constitution, Iraqi laws and all international covenants consider this organization under the framework of refugees, and we must not be influenced by regional pressures.
We call on the UN to activate its role in this regard and be present in supervising over refugee camps, he added. If the UN is present in these camps, it will manage them in a better way and assist the residents, Adel continued, pressing on his call for respecting human beings and their dignity.

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