Iraqi PM’s office solely responsible for attacks on Ashraf

The Iraqi police in Diyala province has denied any involvement in recent attacks against Camp Ashraf, saying that the responsibility for such incursions rests solely with special forces affiliated with the prime minister’s office.

According to Assawat al-Iraq news agency, while the camp’s residents blame Iraqi forces for the recent attacks, the police and the Army’s fifth brigade deny involvement in the attacks.

On Saturday, December 25, the Iraqi forces, upon the order of a committee within the Prime Minister’s office tasked to suppress Ashraf, forced a group of eight Ashraf residents providing services for the patients in the past 20 months to leave the hospital in Ashraf. They used threats and intimidation to get the group out as part of increasing medical restrictions imposed on Ashraf residents.

Assawat reported that the Iranian Resistance said Iraqi forces, supported by 25 Humvees, attacked a hospital in Ashraf and beat the residents with clubs and batons, while stealing their machinery and equipment.

A source at the command of Diyala province’s police, where Ashraf is located, told Assawat news agency that, “There have been no attacks carried out against Camp Ashraf by the Diyala province police or the Fifth Battalion of the Iraqi Army located near the camp.”

The source added that the responsibility for the camp rests solely with security forces tied to the Iraqi prime minister’s office in Baghdad.

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