Iraqi Parliamentarians condemn attack on Camp Ashraf

A number of Iraqi Members of Parliament condemned the invasion of Ashraf by armored vehicles which were ordered by Nouri Al-Maliki at the request of the Iranian regime and called for the immediate retreat of these forces.

Dr. Neda Al-Jabouri, Iraqi MP: Invasion of Ashraf by the armored vehicles is a violation of human rights principles and a violation of all pertinent international conventions especially the 4th Geneva Convention.

Dr. Loi Al-Saidi, a member of Al-Iraqiya’s Leadership: The attack on Ashraf is condemned. The residents of Ashraf have no guilt other than opposing the Iranian regime.

Hamed Mutlaq, MP and a member of Al-Iraqiya Leadership: We want immediate intervention for retreating of all armed forces from Camp Ashraf so that the requirements of the international conventions regarding protected persons are carried out.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Massari, an Iraqi MP: We condemn all violations of human rights against the residents of Camp Ashraf.

Suhad Fadhil Al-Ubaidi: The Iraqi Parliament must immediately take stance vis-à-vis incidents of violation of law against residents of Camp Ashraf and must discuss violating the rights of Ashraf residents by the Iraqi forces.

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