Iraqi parliamentarians and politicians condemn Iraqi army’s brutal attack

The New Iraq-for-All website reported on April 23rd that Muhsin al-Sadoun, a member of Iraqi parliament from the Kurdish coalition said that the majority of Iraqi MPs wanted justice for the Iranian dissidents at Camp Ashraf.

He emphasized the necessity of respecting human rights and international law in dealing with Ashraf residents.

Al-Sadoun said if the issue of Camp Ashraf residents will be discussed at the parliament, the majority of the MPs would emphasize the necessity of administration of justice within the framework of the human rights laws for Ashraf residents.

According to Iraq-for-All website, Hani al-Ashur, an advisor to al-Iraqia coalition said he was appalled by Nouri al-Maliki’s operatives’ attack on Ashraf residents and the massacre of innocent residents by the Iraqi army and called it aggression against human rights.

He told al-Malaf Net: The attack and aggression against Camp Ashraf residents prompted many international and humanitarian organizations to condemn that act, and this damaged the credibility of the Iraqi military and the government that issued the order for the attack.

Al-Ashur said the Iraqi government’s excuse for killing Ashraf residents which, according to government claims, is an issue of farmland ownership, was unacceptable and reiterated that al-Iraqya considers use of force for such actions unacceptable and believes in legal solutions and dialogue.

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