Iraqi parliament should form fact-finding commission on Ashraf: former Diyala official

The former chair of Diyala province’s council in Iraq has called for lifting restrictions on the residents of Camp Ashraf while urging the parliament to form a fact-finding commission to visit Ashraf and investigate the effects of the siege.

In an interview with the Iraqi news agency, Ebrahim Bajelan said, “I have and will always stress that combating human beings like this is not part of the ethics and tradition of Iraqis. I ask for the creation of a committee formed by all parliamentary groups to support and investigate the situation of Ashraf residents, to visit the camp, and to help immediately to lift the siege.”

Bajelan added, “We must respect Ashraf residents, observe their rights and ensure that drugs and food are allowed in their camp. While at the Diyala provincial council, we respected the UN’s decision not to displace PMOI members in Ashraf and we formed a committee (comprised of the Islamic party, the Shiite coalition and the Kurdish list), and visited the camp and met with the officials there. We inspected the entire camp and did not find even a single bullet there.”

He stressed that denying the residents medical treatment and pharmaceutical drugs is unbecoming of humanitarian values and violates the UN charter which Iraq is a signatory of.

Iraq’s al-Dastour daily also covered the story and said Ebrahim Bajelan has asked for the immediate lifting of a siege on Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf.

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