Iraqi officials quiet after discovery of Iranian regime truck bomb

Iraqi government officials and security forces continue to remain silent after the discovery of an Iranian regime truck bomb in Basra, al-Hurra TV reported this week.

The truck bomb was found by local police forces at an international exhibition parking lot in Basra earlier this week.

“Political circles in local government and security forces have remained silent and are refusing to provide explanations about the incident,” the TV channel said, adding, “But, some European members of parliament who are looking into a classified investigation have explained how the explosives reached Iraq through the Shalamcheh border crossing.”

An Iraqi member of parliament from Basra, Mansour al-Kan’an, was quoted as saying, “The conduct of the customs office in the Shalamcheh border region is not a healthy one.”

He added, “Customs officers raised suspicions over two containers. News about these two containers had reached Iraqi intelligence previously. When they were opened, it was discovered that they contained high explosives used to make bombs.”

Al-Hurra quoted experts as saying that the Shalamcheh border crossing does not have inspection vehicles because the equipment used to control the shipments operate with the electricity provided by the Iranians, who operate on their own merits.”

One journalist in Basra was quoted as saying, “The ridiculous thing is that Shalamcheh’s electricity is in the hands of the Iranian regime. Whenever the Iranian regime wants to bring something into Iraq it simply disconnects power, which means that the equipment cannot work and thus it becomes possible for any container to enter the country without going through the proper inspections.”

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