Iraqi MPs protest aggressions against Ashraf

A number of Iraqi members of Parliament have condemned the violent incursion into Camp Ashraf on Sunday by Iraqi forces loyal to prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, it was reported on Monday.

One of them, Ahmad al-Alvani, a member of the Iraqiya list, told al-Malaf news agency that, “The attack is a clear violation of all international conventions and has no justification whatsoever.”

Al-Alvani added, “We do not know what organ has authorized this incursion, but the Iraqi government must observe human rights.”

He called on the Iraqi government and the United Nations to prevent such unacceptable rights violations.

Another member of Parliament, Younadim Kana, a Christian, described the attack as inhumane and said, “Attacking unarmed innocent people and those who are protected by international laws in Iraq is unacceptable. International laws absolutely do not allow for such actions to take place.”

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