Iraqi MPs demand food, water and power are restored to Camp Ashraf

NCRI – Leading Iraqi MPs and human rights groups have condemned the cutting off of water, power and food supplies to the residents of Camp Ashraf by their own Prime Minister, working at the behest of the Iranian regime.

Adnan Al-Jabouri, the head of Al-Iraqia coalition in the Diyala province, described the denial of basic supplies to the camp as ‘inhumane’ and called on the United Nations and EU to take urgent action to end the siege which began on August 10.

Fellow MP Mazhar Al-Jenabi, also of the Al-Iraqia coalition, also stressed Iraq’s ‘moral and human obligation’ to the Iranian dissidents in Ashraf and the need to guarantee the safety of Camp Liberty residents who want to return there. Mr Al-Jenabi called on his government to restore basic services to the camp, where the 100 residents – who have written a joint letter of complaint – are enduring summer temperatures of up to 50C.

Iraqi civil society organizations including the Arabic Committee for Defense of Ashraf residents, the Association for the Friendship of Free People and the Ahl-Kheir Iraqi Humanitarian Organization have also condemned Iraqi government’s actions.

Photo: A Camp Ashraf resident collecting water for use after the Iraqi forces have cut-off water pumping to the camp where Iranian dissidents are living.

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