Iraqi MP expresses opposition to al-Maliki’s repressive measures against camp Ashraf

A member of Iraq’s parliament expressed her opposition to repressive measures by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki against Camp Ashraf residents and called for an end to the blockade of the camp.

Dr. Neda Ibrahim al-Jabouri, said that the basic needs of Ashraf residents, particularly fuel in the extreme summer heat, should be available and provided, “Iraqi News” news agency reported on Thursday.

Al-Jabouri told the news agency: “Ashraf residents’ human rights must be respected, and no one should be allowed to violate their rights as it has happened before and it is happening now.”

Al-Jabouri urged the Iraqi authorities to respect human rights principles regarding Ashraf residents. She asked that they should given the chance and possibility of a normal life until a final solution is achieved.

She also urged for availability of basic needs such as medical care, food, fuel as well as other essential needs for Ashraf residents.

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