Iraqi MP condemns continuing violations against Camp Ashraf

A member of the Iraqi Parliament has condemned continuing assaults against Camp Ashraf by the Iranian regime and its Iraqi proxies, urging international protection for the close to 3,400 residents, members of the main Iranian opposition, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

According to Malaf website on Tuesday, the member of Parliament from the Iraqiya list, Faezeh al-Obeidi, referred to the rights of Ashraf residents as political refugees and the “guests of Iraq,” telling reporters, “The presence of Ashraf residents in Iraq is natural and the government must ensure their security and safety.”

She added, “The abuses against the residents of Ashraf are violations of human rights and have caused concerns for us.”

“The Iranian regime has made a lot of mistakes in Iraq and has not been held accountable. So, why is it not reacted to accordingly for violating the rights of its people and those of the Iraqi people?” she asked.

Ms. al-Obeidi emphasized, “The Iranian regime has an expansionist agenda and does not respect anyone. This makes it resort to violence and fundamentalism when dealing with others.”

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