Iraqi mother: al-Maliki and Iranian Regime agents must leave Iraq

On April 16, the al-Rafedain TV broadcasted the cries of an Iraqi mother whose three sons were killed and showed her while calling for removal of Nouri al-Maliki and expelling of Iranian regime from Iraq.

She chanted in a demonstration: “These are my three martyrs who have been killed by al-Maliki. He must go.

These Iranians regime agents must go. These people arrived in Iraq on tanks. My children gave their lives for their homeland, for the Iraqi youth. I am the mother of three martyrs and I want al-Maliki to leave Iraq. I want his entire group to leave Iraq. These people who speak Persian and kill people must leave. All cemeteries are filled. Secret prisons! Nouri al-Maliki, it is enough! Hasn’t your thirst for blood been quenched by our children’s blood yet? Haven’t you had enough prisons?…”

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