Iraqi intelligence agents prevent drainage of water and sewage from Camp Liberty after heavy rainfall

Camp Liberty No. 64

Subsequent to the rain on Tuesday, December 25 at Camp Liberty, water has covered the whole camp. Overflow of black water tanks and ruptures in some of them has polluted everywhere threatening residents with infections and various diseases.

After the rain stopped, from dusk of the next day (December 26), residents attempted to drain the water and sewage and to direct it out of the camp with their limited resources in water pumps and tankers. However, Iraqi forces stopped the work at 9 pm. Also on Thursday, December 27, Iraqi forces prevented drainage and pumping of water out of Camp Liberty. Among elements imposing these obstructions is Haidar Azab Mashi, an intelligence officer involved previously in the massacre of Ashraf residents.
Residents’ numerous referrals to UNAMI monitoring team and the UNHCR proved fruitless as they took no action.
Hence, although the rain has stopped, residents are forced to move for their necessary commutes in the very cold weather while they are in polluted water up to their knees. Women’s section is in a worse condition as they can hardly get out of their containers. The rise in water level, cold weather, and poor condition of containers has led to many people in Camp Liberty falling sick.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 8, 2012


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