Iraqi henchman (Nafe Issa), dressed as a “human rights activist” responds to U.S. authorities

Camp Ashraf military occupation– No. 98

? We disagree with Americans’ suggestions for transfer of Ashraf to another region
? Presence of this organization secures and guarantees Americans’ interest
? Americans want to use this group to bring pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran

? This terrorist group is a devil. Even if they are transferred from where they are to another area, nothing is resolved and the problem persists
? At issue is not that Camp Ashraf is here or there. I think until they are expelled, or if in Iraq they are tried by the judiciary system, the situation will not change. They have to leave Iraqi soil until the end of this Christian year
? Doubtless the people will attack Camp Ashraf and will ruin it on the members and those living there

Clerical regime and its Iraqi elements set stage for another bloodbath

The Iranian regime brought a number of its henchmen on TV screen on May 7, to outright threaten PMOI members in Ashraf with a massacre. This step was taken once the plot of the regime in staging a large protest on May 6 in the occupied section of the camp in support of the massacre was defeated.

One of the participants in the disgusting TV show is a henchman by the name of “Nafe Issa” who was introduced by the mullahs as “Doctor” and “Human rights activist”! He, who was one of the organizers of the May 6th   show in the occupied section of Ashraf, said in this TV program:

– “We disagree with the proposals and appeals suggested by the Americans and were announced by the US Secretary of State to transfer camp Ashraf to another area. …”
–  “We believe that this group-let is a devil… Even if they are to be transferred from where they are now to another area, nothing is resolved and the problem persists.”
–  “Presence of this organization safeguards and guarantees Americans’ interests, and on the other hand, it is beneficial to support them because of the intelligence they have…this group spies for the westerns on Iran’s borders. I mean to say, the Americans seek to impose pressure on Islamic Republic of Iran by manipulating this group.”
– “we hold information that food stuff, trucks loaded with food stuff, and trucks loaded with other types of aids have been coming from European capitals, reaching Camp Ashraf.”
– “The amount and the types of media assistances provided by the Europeans and the West to the PMOI or the Monafeqin group-let is not known; however, we know they have set up radio and TV [channels] for them, and have provided them the opportunity to disseminate their thoughts and ideology round the clock… enormous amount of dollars and investment is needed to set up TV station or radio station. …. They are fed by the US and the European countries.”
– At issue is not that Camp Ashraf is here or there; their presence in Iraq is rejected by the people of Iraq and various groups and even the government of Iraq… I believe, so long as they are not expelled, or are not tried by the Judiciary if they are present in Iraq, the situation will not change… They have to leave Iraq’s territory by the end of this Christian year.”
– “Doubtless the people will attack Camp Ashraf and will ruin it over its members and the people there.”

In the meantime on May 7th, the IRGC news agency quoted Shia’ Sudani, Maliki’s minister of human rights! as saying: “the Presence of the PMOI in Camp Ashraf is illegal and is a threat to the region’s security….

Nevertheless, the Iraqi government has treated this group-let quite humanely!…A committee has been formed to dialogue with this group-let and has notified them to evacuate Camp Ashraf as soon as possible.”

Nouri al-Maliki’s Human Rights Minister and the clerical regime not only have no understanding of law,

International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Fourth Geneva Convention, but consider “completely human” treatment of breaking the bones and crushing fifteen persons under the wheels of armored vehicles, raining down bullets on defenseless people in residential areas, targeting 225 people with direct gunshot fire, killing 35 people and preventing their burial for a month, and psychological torture by 300 loudspeakers. One can expect nothing else from pupils of Velayat-e faqih ideology and the dark religious fascism. Following the massacre of Ashraf residents on the order of the “New Iraq” dictator, henchmen dress up in “completely humane” and “human rights” clothing one after the other!

However, these statements clearly reveal the ominous plans of the clerical regime and its proxies in Iraq to prepare for a new massacre against Ashraf residents; hence, demanding immediate international action.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Secretary-General, Special Representative of UN Secretary-General for Iraq, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and also on the U.S. forces and the U.S. Embassy in Iraq to adopt immediate measures to assume protection of Ashraf and to station a permanent UN monitoring team there.

Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 8, 2011


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