Iraqi government Efforts to Confiscate and Steal Two Containers of Items Belonging to Ashraf Residents in Presence of the UNAMI and a “judge”

Containers hold items left behind from convoys 4 and 5 during transfer to Liberty
During transfer of convoys 4 and 5 of Ashraf residents to Liberty (April 15 and May 4, 2012) Iraqi agents prevented the transfer of some of the belongings of residents to Liberty.  At the same time, Iraqis refused to allow the items to be returned inside Camp Ashraf.  These items remain in two containers at the checkpoint since that time.  Despite repeated calls by the residents and promises of Iraqi and UNAMI officials, the items have been still prevented to be moved back to Ashraf.

On Sunday June 3, 2012, the residents were notified, in an unexpected manner through UNAMI, that Iraqi officials who are responsible the for transfer of the residents to Liberty are in Ashraf and want to open the containers at presence of representatives of UNAMI and Ashraf residents and register the items in presence of a “judge”.
The aim of this conduct is obvious; Iraqi’s plan to officially steal these items claiming they are illegal.  While the containers were inspected thoroughly at the presence of UNAMI representative previously, the residents stressed that they have no objection to another inspection in presence of UNAMI, but then, after the inspection, the items should be returned to Camp Ashraf.  But the Iraqi commander refused the return of items and postponed the inspection until June 6. 
The items in the two containers are neither military nor banned. They include personal belongings of the residents such as computers and electronic equipments. The aim is to bother and harass the residents and steal their belongings. Many of the items have already been stolen by the Iraqis and UNAMI officials are aware of that. Some had been exposed in the NCRI’s statements.
It has been said that Iraqi officials intend to “legally” and formally steal the belongings in these containers through deception and exerting pressure as well as using a “judge”. This is a clear sign of the ominous plan of the Iraqi government to breach the right to properties of the residents but at the same time pretend that it is being carried out legally  in presence of the UNAMI monitors. Extensive influence of the mullah’s regime and Maliki’s government on the Iraqi judiciary and its misuse by them is a well known fact.
The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the violation of the property rights of the Ashraf and Liberty residents. It considers them breaches of the Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and related Conventions signed by the Iraqi government that are liable to prosecution at international  level.
Iranian Resistance calls on the UN and US government, not to be silent over this blatant breach of law and condemn it with strongest voice and  prevent the theft, plunder and seizure of Ashraf residents’ movable and immovable property. UNAMI and SRSG have on several occasions promised to residents that their properties would be transferred after their relocation to Camp Liberty but these pledges have never been fulfilled.
SRSG  has promised “we will continue the discussions towards reaching a solution that respects the property rights of the residents in an organized way under Iraqi law” (SRSG letter’s to residents on December 28, 2011).

Secretary of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 5, 2012


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