Iraqi government continues its inhumane policy of torturing the injured to death, Call to save the lives of injured

Camp Ashraf  military occupation – No. 87

Iraqi Prime Ministry stopped transfer of some critically wounded residents to Erbil in the last hour

Nouri al-Maliki and the forces under his command continue their inhumane policy of torturing to death the resident of Ashraf who were injured during the April 8 attack. Yesterday, while due to widespread international activities the preparations had been made to transfer 11 critically wounded patients to the Erbil hospital, the Ashraf Suppression Committee in the Iraq’s Prime Ministry- whose two officials are under prosecution by the Spain’s National Court, opposed their transfer and said that the patients must be treated in the ‘New Iraq Hospital’, where is in fact nothing more than a torture center.

The place where is called “New Iraq Hospital” receives its guidelines as dictated by the Iranian regime. This so-called hospital has so far caused the death of a number of Ashraf’s patients, the martyrdom of some of the wounded in the April 8 attack, and deterioration of the illnesses and wounds of many others. Accordingly, this torture center has been boycotted by all Ashraf residents. Except for emergency or perilous cases like the ones who had been shot by bullet or were crushed by armored vehicles or the patients who had been in comma and were taken to this place by their friends, none of Ashraf residents accept to go to this hospital.

Reza Haftbaradaran, one of the Ashraf residents and father of Saba – a 29 year old woman that was wounded by gunshot in the April 8 massacre and was martyred after 24 hours due to hindrances made by Iraqi forces-  wrote in a letter to international authorities:
“Since the moment Saba’s thigh was shot by bullet and her artery and main bone was fractured, I figured out that they have made a hellish tunnel to torture to death, under the guise of treatment, whoever they failed to kill on the spot. It was about two kilometers from the so-called New Iraq Hospital to the main route heading Baquba. However, they stopped us seven times along this distance. At the last stop, I told the Iraqi major, who had stopped the convoy with no reason and sought to turn the patients’ aides back to Ashraf, that Saba was in critical condition and he should allow the convoy to go on. He whispered with his nearby colleague, “that’s so good; we too want all of them die.” We reached at the main route after two hours. That was the first station to kill time. Then they took us to the Baquba hospital whereas the manager of the New Iraq Hospital knew that only in Baghdad Saba could undergo the surgery she needed. Therefore, taking us to Baquba was yet another part of their plot to kill time… In Baquba, when the physicians said that Saba needed to be taken to Baghdad immediately, an Iraqi officer by the name of Major Yasser came to me and said, “Separate from the PMOI to save Saba’s life and we shall provide best facilities for her treatment right away. Then we will take you and her to the best countries like France or wherever you wish..” After 14 hours of internal bleeding, they took her to the operation room at 21 p.m.. While I was not allowed to go anywhere, they asked me to provide blood for her. The outcome of this torture tunnel was nothing but Saba’s martyrdom.”

Iranian Resistance calls again for saving the lives of the wounded and preventing the loss of more lives. It also reminds the three options as pointed out in the statement no. 76 dated April 22: 
– Immediate transfer of all Ashraf’s wounded residents to the US forces’ military hospital located near Ashraf;
– Transfer to the hospital in Erbil or to a European country;
– Free access to medical services for Ashraf’s wounded residents in public hospitals and private clinics in Iraq;

Needless to say, the Iranian Resistance will cover the expenses for any of above options.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 27, 2011

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