Iraqi foreign Ministry’s sheer lies to U.S., EU and UN against Ashraf residents; setting the stage for another massacre

Camp Ashraf military occupation -No. 150

 The mullahs’ regime and its puppet government in Iraq have assigned Iraqi Foreign Ministry to stage a demonizing campaign against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and Ashraf residents in a bid to set the stage for another massacre.
To fulfill this instruction, Labeed Abbawi, Iraqi deputy Foreign Minister, has prepared a 165-page utterly false report along with several DVDs consisting of forged and irrelevant documents and has sent them to American, European and UN officials and authorities as well as other international authorities.

Through disseminating such misinformation, the Iranian regime primarily plans to influence the U.S. State Department and Embassy in Iraq. This report and similar reports are the type of Iranian regime’s fabrications about hiding imaginary weapons of mass destruction of Iraq in the PMOI bases before war 2003.
In another absurd example over recent years proved to be false by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the mullahs’ regime had accused the PMOI of exploding a bomb in Green-Zone in Baghdad and committing suicide operation in Karbala by women of Ashraf.

Labeed Abbawi’s report was issued simultaneous with Khamenei’s order to relate the PMOI and Ashraf residents to the plot of Iranian regime’s Quds Force for assassination of Saudi ambassador, exploding foreign embassies, and killing of U.S. citizens. The U.S. officials denied this sheer lie aimed at setting the stage and justifying another massacre in Ashraf. A U.S. official said in this regard, “These reports originate solely with Iranian state media sources, which have a documented history of fabricating news stories.” Another official reiterated that Interpol had discovered no link between those charged for this terrorist plot and the PMOI, “calling the Iranian news report ‘pure fiction’”. (The New York Times- 20 October 2011)

Iranian Resistance in its statement No. 145 dated October 7th on ‘Camp Ashraf occupation’ announced, “In a bid to implement this policy, the GoI has assigned Labeed Abbawi, Iraqi deputy Foreign Minister, to exhaust all his efforts to hinder all measures by the UN various bodies with regard to Ashraf and to not participate in the committees formed by these bodies.”  The Iranian regime has also obligated Maliki to drag al-Iraqiya state TV, like governmental radios and TVs in Iran, into the slander campaign against the PMOI and Ashraf.  To this end, the Ashraf Committee in the Iraqi Prime Ministry tasked with suppression of Ashraf and the al-Iraqiya TV have been provided with all the stage-settings by the Iranian regime and its agents against Ashraf over recent years. International jurists have repeatedly condemned this TV channel for its censorship and biasedly broadcast of lies and falsifications, and have called it to respond internationally.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 20, 2011

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