Iraqi forces severely damage special trailers built for disabled

Trailers that were specially built for disabled residents of Camp Ashraf have been badly damaged by Iraqi forces. Six specially designed trailers were taken for inspections to Iraqi army brigade headquarters on August 7, but upon their return to Ashraf on August 26 two of them were found heavily damaged.


As it can be seen in attached photographs, all water and sewage pipes for sanitary facilities have been removed, panels used as patricians are opened up and damages are covered by unfit plates. Electric wires have been pulled out and they can no longer be used.

These trailers were due to be transferred to Camp Liberty last April, but Iraqi forces have obstructed the process. After several approaches to Iraqi, US and UN authorities, it was finally decided that the trailers would be inspected in two stages before their transfer to Liberty; first by UNAMI representatives in the presence of Ashraf residents’ representatives, then by Iraqis in the presence of UNAMI representatives (Ambassador Martin Kobler’s letter to representatives of Ashraf residents, August 6, 2012).

On August 7, the trailers were handed over to Iraqi forces in the presence of representatives of UNAMI to be transferred to Iraqi brigade headquarters. On August 10, Iraqi forces declared before UNAMI representatives that inspections have been completed but they did not transfer them to Liberty and said they would be taken together with the sixth convoy.

The representative of Ashraf residents wrote on number occasions, including letters of August 13 and 15, to the Special Representative of UN Secretary General complaining against Iraqi forces intrusion into the trailers in the absence of UN monitors and inflicting damages to the facilities. He stressed in his letters that he was suspicious of Iraqis’ objectives and urged SRSG to protest against such practices, but this was of course to no avail.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 27, 2012

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