Iraqi forces preparing for a deadly assault and massacre of Ashraf residents

Military occupation of Camp Ashraf – No. 168

Despite extensive international efforts in search of a peaceful solution for Ashraf and opposite to the display of increasing abhorrence by the Iraqi people and politicians regarding the suppressive plans against Ashraf, the Government of Iraq, as the no-question-asked executor of policies dictated by the religious fascism ruling Iran, continues to prepare itself for a fresh deadly assault on Ashraf. Some of these measures are:

1- In preparation for an assault on the defenseless residents of Ashraf, Iraqi forces have started new military engineering work around Ashraf. Since Tuesday midnight, 29 November 2011, Engineering Battalion of Iraqi Army 5th Division are busy constructing berms 3 meters in height in the eastern and southern flanks of Ashraf. This engineering work is ongoing. The Iraqi Army 5th Division played the major role in the crime against humanity of 8 April against Ashraf residents with its various battalions taking part in that assault.

One of these berms is 15 meters far from the protecting fence of Camp Ashraf and is close to the location where elements of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry are stationed. In the last 654 days, using earsplitting loudspeakers, these elements were psychologically torturing Ashraf residents by threatening them to death, torture, extradition and setting Ashraf on fire.

2- According to information received from within the clerical regime, the Iranian embassy in Baghdad has tasked mullah Jabar Mamouri, a Qods Force agent in Iraq, to infiltrate Ashraf with elements of the Qods Force concurrent with the measures that the Iraqi Army 5th Division is implementing. At 2:30 am on December 1st, together with a number of Iranian regime hirelings, Jabar Mamouri attempted to tear the protecting fence of Ashraf’s western flank for the Qods Force elements to get inside the camp. His plot was foiled with awareness on part of the residents and their vehement protests.

 Jabar Mamouri played a key role during the January 7, 2011 attack against Ashraf which led to injury of 175 residents. He outright threatened the residents with hanging and cutting off their heads. He had also resorted to tearing the protective fence of Ashraf in the past to get Qods Force agents inside the camp.

3- On Friday, December 2nd, Jabar Mamouri and his hirelings are again moving around Ashraf’s perimeter conducting reconnaissance. They attempted to tear Ashraf’s fence at another section, but were faced with protests from residents and were forced to flee the scene.
Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations Security Council and Secretary-General, Special Representative of Secretary-General for Iraq, and also the U.S. government not to remain silent in face of these attempts by the Government of Iraq that is paving the political and military grounds for the massacre of residents. They should undertake necessary steps to provide protection for Ashraf residents by UN blue helmets or U.S. forces until transfer of all residents to third countries.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 2, 2011

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