Iraqi forces intend to Confiscate and Steal household appliances of Ashraf residents worth of $120,000.planning for extensive and systematic plunder of residents’ properties

Iraqi  forces intend to steal the household appliances and technical instruments in two containers of Ashraf residents by involving an Iraqi “judge”.
Containers hold items worth of 120,000 dollars and left behind from fourth and fifth convoys, who   were transferred to Liberty In mid-April and early May , and Special Representative of Secretary-General and the UNAMI’s  Representatives had promised they would be  transferred to Liberty. But Iraqi forces neither transferred them to camp  Liberty nor allowed them to be returned inside Camp Ashraf and have kept them in checkpoint, and the aim is to bother and harass the residents and steal their belongings.

The items in the two containers are neither military nor banned. They include home appliances such as  small Water heater, Satellite dishes, televisions, technical instruments such as electric drills, French spanner, electricity board, computer Printers, press devices, wielding machines, bicycles,  video projectors, Copiers, generators under 5kilo watt, air conditioners, air compressors , safety masks and Iranian flags etc which could all easily be bought in Iraqi market. The two containers has been also carefully inspected by Iraqi forces.
At the behest of the clerical fascism ruling Iran, Iraqi government along with other suppressive measures against Ashraf and Liberty residents, has a systematic and extensive plan for violating their property rights and confiscating and stealing their assets. Iraqi government either prevents transfer of the residents’ properties to Camp Liberty, or it prohibits the entry of the Iraqi businessmen who come for purchasing Ashraf property and harasses them by beating up.  In addition, the Iraqi organizations  affiliated with Nori Al-Maliki    claim with utmost impudence that  Ashraf properties  belong to the Iraqi government.
The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations and the US government  to strongly condemn the  confiscation and plundering  of  Ashraf residents’  belongings which has become a routine, and prevent its ongoing, particularly when in recent months, the SRSG has on several occasions promised  to the residents  both in writing and verbally  that  their property rights  would  be respected. Violation of the property rights of the residents, is a breach of Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law and is liable to prosecution at international  level.
Secretary of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 5, 2012

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