Iraqi forces deny Ashraf residents medical care, intensify blockade

Camp Ashraf – Breach of commitments, No. 21

The Government of Iraq and Iraqi forces further intensify repressive measures and medical restrictions on Camp Ashraf:

1. On Friday February 3, 2012, the Iraqi forces prevented a Camp Ashraf female patient from receiving urgent surgery in a Baghdad hospital. On Monday January 30, 2012, the same patient was forcefully removed from the hospital and returned to Ashraf by the Iraqi forces. After many attempts, she had obtained the appointment for February 3 , but the appointment was canceled by the Iraqi forces. All medical appointments of this patient have been canceled. For many months she has been suffering from an acute back pain and recently her condition complicated with very high fever.

2. Eight medical appointments of another Ashraf patient who suffers from kidney problem which requires urgent surgery has been canceled during the past four months.

3. In another inhuman act, the Iraqi forces on Monday January 30, prevented medical deliveries, including three wheelchairs and patients bed parts, from entering Camp Ashraf. The wheelchairs were for the injury victims of April 8 attack by Iraqi forces on the camp.

4. During the past several months, the drinking water refinery pumps of Camp Ashraf have been disrupted and a large amount of chloral-less water has run thru pipes that has caused toxication illnesses. The Iraqi forces have disallowed Ashraf engineers from addressing and fixing the problem.

5. Even though 165 days has passed since the death of Zahra Mehr-Sefat, the Iraqi forces refuse to hand over her body to her relatives at Camp Ashraf and continue to user her corpse for psychological torture and pressure on residents. Ms. Mehr-Sefat died of a heart attack while at a Baghdad hospital.

6. The Iraqi forces have prevented the delivery of cleaning items  such as hand broom, trash can, trash bags, and washing gloves. They have stated that they have orders from the Prime Ministry office not to allow such items.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 5, 2012

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