Iraqi forces bring Iranian intelligence agents inside Ashraf in tainted-glass vehicles wearing disguises

Press Release
5 March 2011

According to information received by NCRI from inside the clerical regime, in a dangerous act, Iraqi forces under command of Maliki bring Iranian intelligence agents wearing Iraqi army uniforms or other disguises inside Ashraf in tainted-glass vehicles. Bringing Iranian agents inside Ashraf is usually done at night and mostly in tainted-glass vehicles that are being recently used by the Iraqi forces stationed at Ashraf.

According to reports from Ashraf residents, in recent days and at various hours during the day, but mostly at nights, these vehicles whose passengers cannot be seen come to Ashraf. Inside Ashraf, they mostly use the road that leads to Ashraf cemetery that is not under the control of Ashraf residents.

In yet another act last night, agents of the Iranian intelligence and the terrorist Qods force, with assistance from the Iraqi forces, tore a section of Ashraf’s southern fence to make way for infiltration.

The International Committee of Jurists in Defence of Ashraf emphasizes that bringing Iranian intelligence agents who wear disguises inside Ashraf is an act to prepare the grounds for terrorist acts and for fresh conspiracies against Ashraf residents. It calls on the US forces and the United Nations to conduct an immediate investigation into this matter. To clarify matters, the ICJDA requests that sections of Ashraf where Iraqi forces travel to, especially Morvarid Cemetery (Ashraf’s cemetery) and its vicinity be searched by the US forces and the UN, and that entry of all tainted-glass vehicles to Ashraf be prohibited.

International Committee of Jurists in Defence of Ashraf

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