Iraqi departments claim ownership of Ashraf properties at the behest of terrorist Qods force commander

According to obtained information from within the clerical regime, Qasem Soleimani, the commander of the terrorist Qods Force, in order to deny Ashraf residents their property rights, has asked the Iraqi National Security Adviser to demand that Iraqi ministries and government departments to claim ownership of various Ashraf residents’ properties.

This inhuman and illegal measure takes place after last month’s trip of Qasem Soleimani and Ahmad Vahidi, the mullahs’ regime Minister of Defense and former commander of Qods Force, and on the eve of the trip of the regime’s President to Iraq. Vahidi met Iraq’s Prime Minister on October 3rd and Iraqi President on October 4th.

According to these reports, in response to the Prime Ministry’s order, some of the ministries and government departments have claimed ownership of parts of Ashraf properties, have forged documents and are supposed to present them to Iraqi courts under the government influence. Reportedly, Ministries of Agriculture, Power, Transportation and Defense have claimed ownership over land, agriculture equipment and machinery, generators and electrical equipment, buses, minibuses, trucks and other vehicles and existing equipment in Ashraf.

These claims are being made while the purchase documents of many of the residents’ properties are available and many of the them including ownership of generators and medical equipment have been given to the Iraqi government and UNAMI. The traffic police of Iraq have investigated 1200 various vehicles in Ashraf, one by one, and there were no claims against any of them, only the plates of 9 vehicles were not verified.

Denying ownership rights from Ashraf residents is a cowardly theft at the behest of the mullahs’ regime and a violation of many articles of international covenants including the Fourth Geneva Convention and International Refugee Law that all residents of Ashraf and Liberty are covered under.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 4, 2012


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