Iraqi democratic forces insist on forming new government, condemn Iranian regime meddling

Democratic forces in Iraq have continued protesting the Iranian regime’s meddling vis-à-vis the formation of a new government. At the same time, more personalities and forces have united in calls to force incumbent prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to give up power.

In an interview with al-Hurra on Friday, Dr. Saleh Mutlak, Chairman of the National Dialogue Front, said the current political crisis in Iraq may lead to a popular uprising against the entire political system because the al-Iraqiya list, which won the March elections, has been deprived of its right to form a government.

Dr. Mutlak also pointed to the Iranian regime for causing delays in the formation of a new cabinet, saying, “The Iranian regime’s meddling and its pressures to build a so-called national unity, which has no outside existence and is merely a title, are meant to obstruct the process of creation a new government by al-Iraqiya.”

He anticipated that the delay will not last much longer, but said if the international community fails to pressure those who are currently in power in Iraq to give up their position, then the people will not wait any longer, “and I think we may see a popular uprising against the entirety of the current political system.”

Another al-Iraqiya official, Heydar Molla, also told Babelyia TV on Friday that the coalition of al-Maliki and Hakim is causing delays in the formation of a new government. He protested the methods which led to the formation of the coalition and the federal court’s interpretations about it, adding that for the first time the Iraqi judiciary has bowed down to the demands of the ruling party.

Heyda Molla added that the parties of al-Maliki and Hakim do not represent Shiites in Iraq, who are instead represented by clerics in Najaf. So, if these parties are convinced that they do not follow authorities in Qom and Tehran, they should show their allegiance to Najaf’s ranking clerics, he said.

He also warned that there may be a national uprising against the al-Maliki government and for the formation of a new government.

At the same time, al-Iraqiya’s spokesman, Meysan Damlouji, denied claims made by the al-Maliki coalition that al-Iraqiya is warming up to the idea of accepting the position of parliamentary speaker, saying that al-Iraqiya is intent on forming a new government.

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