Iraq: Maliki’s forces prevent entry of food and prescription drugs to Camp Liberty

NCRI – Iraqi Major Ahmad Khozair of the Iraqi intelligence service has for more than a week been preventing two truckloads of food purchased by residents of Camp Liberty from entering the camp.

This food is on the point of going rotten, and must be moved into the camp immediately due to chronic food shortages inside Liberty, where there are no cold storgage or warehouse facilities.

Depriving the residents of this food represents an intensification of the harrassment of residents by the Government of Iraq.

In yet another inhumane act on Sunday, March 9, one Iraqi Prime Ministry agent also prevented the purchase of medication by patients who had gone to Baghdad hospital for treatment. This agent who works under the orders of Ahmad Khozair inflicts similar mistreatment on patients he accompanies to the hospital on a daily basis.

One patient who returned to Liberty several days after open heart surgery asked that the ambulance air conditioner be turned, but this agent refused the request and upon reaching Liberty, the patient’s condition had deteriorated due to heat.

Ahmad Khozair participated directly in the massacre and kidnapping of Ashraf residents on September 1, 2013, and the Ashraf massacre of April 8, 2011, and is now playing a major role in the medical siege of asylum seekers in Camp Liberty. Preventing free access to medical services and delays in the treatment of patients has so far has led to the slow death of 18 residents of Ashraf and Liberty.

The Iranian resistance warns against the consequences of this inhumane siege and the presence of agents such as Ahmad Khozair, who is a paving the way for another massacre, and it calls on the United Nations and the United States to take immediate action to end this cruel siege and the presence of criminals in Liberty, based on their repeated written guarantees towards the safety and security of Liberty residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 11, 2014

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