Iraq: Kobler is biased and must be sacked, Arab leaders in Kirkuk demand

NCRI – Arab politicians in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk have stormed out of a meeting with United Nations envoy Martin Kobler is protest as his ‘biased’ plans for an election the province.

Sheikh Abd-al-laleh Sami al-Aasi, chairman of the Arab faction in Kirkuk’s provincial council, branded Kobler an ‘irresponsible representative of the UN secretary general’ and demanded he be sacked.

Sheikh Sami al-Aasi told Al-Tagheer TV on Sunday: “I left the meeting because Kobler is not impartial and tries to impose issues unconditionally on the Arab faction, including holding an election which we do not agree with.

“I left the meeting on behalf of the Arab faction and decisively reject Martin Kobler’s approach because he is not impartial and is irresponsible. He is irresponsible as representative of the UN secretary general.”

He added: “He is trying to eliminate the Arab faction, and he is especially trying to prevent members of the provincial council from participating in any dialogue. We have suggestions and there are many issues but this person is not impartial and we demand that the UN Secretary General replaces him immediately.

“I speak on behalf of Arab faction in this regard. There are secret agreements and dark deals prepared in darkened rooms. This is suspicious. They will not make the agreements clear for Kirkuk representatives and we have no opinion on that.”

Al-Horra TV also reported: “The Chair of the Arab group in the Kirkuk provincial council, together with other members of the council, left Martin Kobler’s meeting and described him as non-neutral.”

Since 2005, no provincial council election has been held in this province due to differing views on how the election should carried out to reflect the views of different ethnic groups.

Kobler is facing mounting international calls to be removed from his post as the UN’s representative in Iraq for his support for prime minister Nouri al-Maliki and his pandering to the Iranian regime.

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