Iraq: Interview with a commander of tribal forces

Source: Al- Arabiya TV, Translated from Arabic
Excerpts of al- Arabiya TV interview with Hessam-Edin Al-Dolaimi, , member of the Revolutionary Military Council of Al-Anbar [Province] and Deputy of Executive Office of Political Council

Q: Regarding the security plan, which was stated in the news, what is the information regarding this plan? Does it reflect true concerns regarding Daesh (ISIL) reaching Baghdad?

A: …The situation which Iraq has come to, is a result of Maliki’s incompetence.

The US has brought individuals to Iraq who are unable to run a school, then how are they going to run a country…It is Maliki and his gang that have brought Iraq to this point. This is the innocence of the people that has been ongoing since 2003. The plan that Maliki and this government have prepared is fruitless. ISIL and other than ISIL is this government. Terrorism is within the government. This government is terrorist and is ruling over the people. This is the people’s revolution, the innocent people. This is the Iraqi people’s innocence.
This is the people’s revolution, the innocent people who demand their rights.

Q: Therefore what you are saying is that what is ongoing now, from the spread of ISIL and some tribal forces, is a revolution, a revolution against Maliki?

Hessam-Edin Al-Dolaimi: God know that there is neither ISIL nor any other thing. There are only the tribes and the revolutionary tribes. The word ISIL is tantamount to the word weapons of mass destruction, as they said that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I ask and I want you to answer me, did they find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Q: You say that these are tribal revolutionaries and Iraq people, even this relation with ISIL, even if ISIL helps, might not help the goal you are endeavoring for?

A: There are no ISIL or other than ISIL, the people have risen up and risen for a revolution and the revolutionary tribes. There were sit-ins a year ago calling for the people’s rights. It was a full year, then the people were suddenly taken aback with helicopter attacks. Where has ISIL come from?…

Q: Then where have these talks come from? You mean there are no forces from ISIL that are controlling areas in Iraq and in the Diyala Province and Al-Anbar?

A: Yes, in Diyala there are Asaeb Ahl-e Haq, Iranian militias, the government has Iranian militias. There are Iranian militias in Diyala yet in Al-Anbar and other provinces I challenge them that they will not find even one individual (as ISIL).

Six months have passed since the beginning of the clashes, there hasn’t even been one instance where they show in the media and say that this is ISIL ISIL is this government, the terrorists are this government and it is the people who are enduring murder, bombings, killing of children and the destruction of their homes. It is ISIL and the government who use helicopter and barrel-bombs. I call on the world to wake up and refer to their consciences. I say to the world to carry out its role…

Q: Therefore, where are the events moving towards? In your opinion what must we be expecting in the upcoming days?

Hessam-Edin Al-Dolaimi: What we are expecting, God’s willing, is the liberation of Baghdad, the liberation of the capital and returning it to what should be and with proper management.

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