Iraq: Food spoils at Iranian camp due to intensified siege

NCRI- Sunday, September 7, marks the 26th day that Nouri al-Maliki’s forces have intensified inhumane siege on Camp Liberty that houses Iranians recognized as asylum seekers.

On Saturday, September 6, the Iraqi forces once again did not allow a tanker delivering fuel purchased by the residents to enter the camp, forcing it to return to Baghdad airport area entrance.

All of the camp’s infrastructure including cooling systems depend on the electricity produced by the power generators running on fuel.

During the past 26 days, only 4 fuel tankers have been allowed into the camp providing only 10% of the fuel needed for generating electricity needed for running the facilities at camp.

On Saturday afternoon, three trucks delivering food to the camp which had been held at the camp entrance since September 1, were allowed to enter the camp after six days, however, much of the food stuff purchased by the residents had gone rotten and were unusable. The blocking entry of three truck caused a great loss for the residents. (see photos)

During the past 25 days, the Iraqi government has prevented entry of gasoline needed for limited number of vehicles inside the camp that are being used for transporting the ill residents and for the camp’s logistical services.

Stressing that depriving a population of fuel, food, medicine and medical services is tantamount to crime against humanity and those responsible should be prosecuted and punished, the Iranian Resistance demands urgent actions by the US and the UN to end the criminal siege on Camp Liberty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September7, 2014

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