Iraq: Bullet fired at Camp Liberty residents’ housing trailer

In daily visits by UNAMI observers from various locations in the camp, residents request provision of security requirements as well as logistical needs, but no actions are taken

NCRI – At 8:45 a.m. (local time Baghdad) on Wednesday, May 28, a barrage of Kalashnikov (AK47) bullets were fired from northeast to Camp Liberty with one of the bullets hitting near a residents’ housing trailer (see pictures).

Firing of bullets from outside the camp to the camp area that has happened many times seriously endangers the security of the residents.

On 14 May 2014, a Kalashnikov bullet fired from outside the camp pierced through a container wall and hit one of the residents wounding his head. Hitting of yesterday’s bullet during daytime is yet another warning about the vulnerability of Camp Liberty residents and the absence of security for them and the imperative threats that they face.

UNAMI observers took film and pictures and prepared report of the place hit yesterday. The observers had also previously visited and prepared reports of the places hit by bullets fired from outside the camp that had hit residents’ containers.

The Iranian Resistance has numerously brought the attention of the United States and the United Nations who have repeatedly and in writing committed themselves to the safety and security of the residents to provision of minimum security requirements in Camp Liberty, in particular the returning of the 17,500 T-walls and the transfer of residents’ protective helmets and vests from Ashraf to Camp Liberty.

The UNAMI monitoring teams visit different places in the camp on a daily basis freely visiting various locations and they speak with the residents privately or in groups. The residents convey their problems to the monitors, concerning the lack of security and their vulnerability against anything fired at them or regarding the anti-human siege, and request solutions from them. Regrettably, no actions are taken concerning these requests and there is no prospect for them to be resolved (see pictures).

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 29, 2014

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