Iraq backed by Iranian regime is committing criminal acts on Camp Liberty

NCRI– Iraq is committing ‘vicious and criminal acts’ backed by Iran against the defenseless residents of Camp Liberty, in direct breach of the 1948 Convention pledging to protect them, a leading Iraqi protester has said.

Dr Akram al-Obeidi, a people’s committees member in Kirkuk and spokesman of sit-in protests in the city of al-Hawija, also demanded that the UN’s Iraqi envoy Martin Kobler be sacked for failing in his mission and for his blind support of Nouri al-Maliki’s government.

He said: “Iraq has previously given political asylum to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in accordance with 1948 international convention and Iraq is a signatory of the convention.

“Therefore, these refugees must enjoy all the privileges that are provided by the convention.

“But unfortunately the current government that represents Dawa party has violated this agreement in favor of the Iranian regime, an action which is absolutely not allowed,” he told the al-Hadath news agency.

He added: “The Qods force has arms in Iraq including Asaeb Ahl Haq, which is the armed wing of Dawa party under the command of Al-Batat, which under direct supervision of Ghassem Soleimani represses the defenseless residents of Liberty.

“Al-Batat admitted they have attacked members of the PMOI (MEK) in Iraq. The Maliki government facilitates such criminal and vicious acts by supporting this paramilitary force and cooperates with them and provides them with arms. These actions are unacceptable to Iraqi people.

“Martin Kobler proved his incompetence by the way he handled this case and totally supported the Maliki government in his attempts to obtain illegitimate gains.

“Therefore, we demand his removal for failing in his mission, which came about after disclosure of the facts and abuses at Camp Liberty, which occurred under the eyes of the UN and international community.

“We condemn the attack on these refugees because their protection is part of Iraqi government’s commitment to the international community, and attacking them is in the interest of a country like Iran that has mischievous and wicked ambitions.

“The attack is an insult to the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government must protect the PMOI members in Iraq the same way it protects foreign embassies in Iraq because it is part of the protection of Iraq’s sovereignty.”

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