Iran’s universities closer to being directly run by the Guards and other regime allies ?under “privatization” plans

The Iranian regime has put more pressures on the country’s higher education ?system with the Majlis (Parliament) ratifying Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s plan to privatize ?universities and hand them over to those closely tied to the regime.?

According to state-run news agencies on Friday, the mullahs’ parliament has agreed to ?permit the transfer of higher education institutions to private hands, including the ?Revolutionary Guards.?

A proposed bill for the Fifth Development Plan of the government of Mahmoud ?Ahmadinejad says, “In order to satisfactorily run the country’s higher education system, ?the government is permitted to utilize a variety of options, including transferring the ?ownership of higher education institutions to private parties, allow them to be self-?sustaining, and to obtain all or parts of the students’ tuition in full or installments.”?

Some observers see the move as a pretext for transferring the ownership of Iran’s ?universities and other higher education institutions to the regime’s allies and armed forces ?like the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).?

Among the outcomes of such measures are more obstacles against the entrance of low-?income students and enabling these institutions to more easily issue fake degrees in ?exchange for bribes.?

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