Iran’s prisoner population jumps by 35% in a year; more detention centers being built

The number of prisoners in Iran has jumped 35% compared to last year, the clerical regime has announced.

The state-run Khabar Online on Tuesday quoted a regime official at the Prisons Organization as saying, “The overall prisoner population in the country was determined to be around 204,000” up until the end of the last Persian calendar month, which fell on September 22.


“This number shows an increase of 35.2 percent compared to the same time period last year,” he said.

The regime official, Mohammad-Ali Zanjirei, who was described as the deputy of development, management and resources at the mullahs’ Prisons Organization, also admitted that the number of prisoners in Iran is twice the average figures around the world.

Recently, the clerical regime had announced the construction of four new detention centers in Tehran to broaden its suppressive reach and carry out more arrests.

Zanjirei also said that the regime’s ministers have ordered the building of two more detention centers in Tehran as well as one center in each of Firouzkouh and Eslamshahr cities.

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