Iranian youths back Maryam Rajavi solution for regime change

NCRI – Iranian youth movements have declared their support Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point platform for regime change as the only solution for the country’s future.

Representatives of 43 Iranian youth associations meeting in Paris on April 12 also demanded that Iran’s seat at the United Nations be given to the Iranian Resistance.

They condemned human rights abuses under Hassan Rouhani and demanded protection for Camp Liberty, the release of the seven Ashraf hostages and an independent inquiry by the UN into the September 1, 2013, massacre at Camp Ashraf.

A statement by the Communities of Iranian Youth said: “Ten months after the farcical presidential election of the clerical regime, Rouhani has demonstrated that he is part and parcel of the religious fascism with no mission but to preserve this regime.

“The number of executions during this period has exceeded 700 and the execution of those minor at time of arrest has spiked. The institutionalized discrimination against women and ethnic and religious minorities has deepened and broadened.”

They praised members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Liberty as a source of ‘inspiration and motivation’ for Iranian youth, and ‘a cause of fear for the clerical regime’.

They added: “Face to face with the religious tyranny ruling Iran, we support the organized opposition of the Iranian people and its President-elect Mrs Maryam Rajavi.

“Since the clerical regime lacks all capacity to reform, we consider a change of the regime as the sole path for Iran to thwart its present crisis and we therefore declare our support for the 10-point platform of Mrs Maryam Rajavi.”

They urged the US, the European Union and the United Nations to protect Camp Liberty residents and demanded the return of 17,500 T-walls, helmets, vests and the medical equipment and allowing of construction of buildings for the sick, disabled and the injured.

The youths also called for the stationing of permanent UN observers along with a team of Blue Helmet inside Camp Liberty.

The statement said: “We also demand the release of the seven Ashraf hostages and call for an independent inquiry by the United Nations into the September 1, 2013 massacre in Ashraf and the handing over of its perpetrators to the International Criminal Court.

“The warmongering and export of terrorism by this regime has turned the Middle East into a barrel of gunpowder. This regime ought to be banished from the international community and the seat of Iran at the United Nations should be given to the Iranian Resistance which is the democratic alternative to this anti-human regime.

“It is the duty of the international community to stand with the Iranian people and their legitimate demand to topple this regime rather than to be silent and on the sidelines.”

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