Iranian Resistance welcomes exclusion of Iranian regime’s satellite networks abroad by satellite-service companies

Iranian Resistance welcomes exclusion of clerical regime’s TV networks by a number of satellite-service companies and calls for the cutoff of all TV programs of the clerical regime by all satellite-service companies.
Clerical regime’s propaganda apparatus and radio and TV networks are not tools for dissemination of information; they are rather part of regime’s machine of terror and oppression and function as tools for dissemination of false information and for misleading public opinion away from the truth and a means of paving the way for internal oppression and export of terrorism and fundamentalism. Using jamming signals, the Iranian regime has resorted to disrupting programs of PMOI radio since 1981, and programs of Iranian Resistance television since 18 years ago so that no information would reach the Iranian people regarding its anti-human crimes and policies against the Iranian people. This policy was extended to other Farsi speaking televisions in recent years. According to published information, in addition to sending powerful jamming signals on Farsi speaking networks from inside Iran, part of the jamming is carried out from Syrian territory.
Iranian regime’s authorities, including IRGC member Zarghami who is the head of regime’s radio and television organ and who is on the EU sanctions list, has admitted to sending jamming signals on satellite programs abroad (State-run media, 27 May 2010).
Kosari, member of National Security Commission of mullahs’ parliament, defending this repressive measure has said: “We should not have a negative attitude towards jamming. I believe jamming is a sort of capability that our country has… If others seek to use satellite to spread corruption and insecurity in Iran, we shall definitely not allow it and we will use jamming as a capability.” (State-run media, 15 May 2010).

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 15, 2012

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