Iranian Resistance strongly condemns aggression and irreverence against women political prisoners and calls on Iranian women and youth and international authorities to support political prisoners

Iranian Resistance strongly condemns rascally aggression and irreverence against women political prisoners by Revolutionary Guards and torturers in Evin prison, and regards it as indication of mullahs’ regime’s fear from Iranian women who are fighting at the frontline of battle against the religious fascism ruling Iran. Iranian Resistance calls on all Iranian people, especially freedom-loving women and youth, to rise up to their duty for assisting political prisoners and supporting their families. 

Iranian Resistance further calls on international authorities defending human rights and women rights to support political prisoners’ rights — in particular women prisoners– and to condemn this wicked behavior. It also asks for a fact-finding delegation to be dispatched to Iran’s medieval prisons to investigate prisons and conditions of political prisoners, particularly women.
In a savage raid on women ward of Evin prison on Tuesday, October 30, a number of Revolutionary Guards and women torturers aggressed and outraged against women political prisoners. Following this raid, a number of women political prisoners have gone on hunger strike in protest at this wicked move.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 3, 2012

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