Iranian Resistance seeks legitimate alternative fur mullahs’ rule

Al Jazeera daily (Saudi Arabia), Paris, 24 Nov 2012 – Prominent American, French and Arabic dignitaries in the international conference in Paris entitled “Iran 2013 – Prospect of Change” emphasized upon the urgent threat posed by the mullahs’ regime for peace, stability and democracy in the region and the world, warning time to engage in a new policy vis-à-vis Iran is running out fast.
Numerous international personalities from Europe, the US and the Arab World participated in this conference held at the invitation of the French Committee for a Democratic Iran.

The speakers emphasized Mrs. Rajavi’s 10 point plan consists of universal democratic values, the opposition under her leadership is a legitimate alternative for the mullahs’ regime, and it must be supported and recognized by the world community. Supporting the rights of Ashraf and Liberty residents, they demanded Liberty to be classified as a refugee camp and warned of the plots of the mullahs and the Iraqi government intendingto plunder the residents’ property. Criticizing the UN representative’s actions, they added it is UN’s obligation to defend the residents’ ownership rights over their moveable and immovable property.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, said in her speech the trend of events in Iran, the advances made by the Resistance and international developments all indicate the time for the mullahs’ overthrow has arrived.
“The regime is entangled in a five-sided crisis, each one of which leads it to either an implosion or overthrow,” Mrs. Rajavi said.

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