Iranian Resistance condemns clerical regime’s aggressions against Kurdistan Iraq

These aggressions are carried out under Maliki’s approval 

 The Iranian Resistance strongly condemns the continuous artillery shelling and aggressions of the IRGC and terrorist Quds Force against Iraqi Kurdistan, which in recent days have resulted in the killing and injury of many inhabitants of the border region, displacing hundreds of families, burning numerous farms and harvests and the eradication of their livestock.

In continuation of its aggressions against Iraqi soil, the IRGC – in collaboration with Prime Minister Maliki who is the clerical regime’s puppet – has established a number of military bases on Iraqi soil. By stationing additional artillery and infantry forces, the IRGC has intensified its repression of the area’s inhabitants.

In another inhumane act, the clerical regime has cut-off the water of Alvand River that flows into Iraqi soil, hence endangering the lives and farming of people in the Iraqi border city of Khaneqin.
Maliki hideously resorted to justifying these atrocious acts on September 2nd, and held regional Iranian groups responsible by saying: “Various organizations have misused Iraq’s conditions and have used Iraq as a base and initiation point… other countries give us this right… they acknowledge this rights for us. They deserve for us to prevent the activities of the Labor Party being PJAK or the Mujahedin-e Khalq (PMOI) in regard to Iran, or Turkey’s Kurdistan Labor Party” (al-Ettejah TV). He went beyond this on September 9th, announcing he will use military force against Iranian opposition groups in Iraqi Kurdistan and will wage war against them (al-Hurra TV).

The Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Security Council, USF-I, Arab League and the European Union to condemn such bellicosity and anti-humane aggressions, and take urgent actions to prevent its continuation.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 12, 2011

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