Iranian Resistance calls to save political prisoner Nasrin Sotoudeh

The Iranian Resistance calls on international organizations in defense of human rights  particularly the relevant United Nations bodies to take immediate action to save imprisoned lawyer  Nasrin Sotoudeh who is on her 7th week of hunger strike.
Nasrin Sotoudeh, 49,was arrested on September 2009  for the “crime” of defending political prisoners. The Iranian regime’s sham trial condemned  her to six years in prison, 10 years ban on practicing law and prohibiting to leaving the country  for  “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the regime.”  She is also faced with all types of pressures and limitations including long stay in solitary confinement and being deprived of receiving visits by her two children.

To protest against inhumane pressures and restrictions imposed on her and her family that includes prohibiting  her 12 year old daughter to leave the country, Nasrin Sotoudeh began a hunger strike on October 17 that she is now in its 7th week while in serious condition. Instead of providing the basic care, the guards threw her to solitary confinement for several weeks but they failed to make her end her hunger strike.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 1, 2012


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