Iranian regime’s troops in Syria are in ‘hundreds of battalions’, MP says

Brig. General Mohammed Jamali Paqale killed in Syria
NCRI – An Iranian lawmaker, member of parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission has confirmed that there are “hundreds of battalions” troops in Syria fighting for Bashar al-Assad.

The state-run news agency ISNA reported on Monday that Javad Ghoddusi Karimi said that “Syrian commanders, backed by Iranian forces, are declaring the army’s victories”, against the Syrians fighting to topple the Assad regime.

His remarks came one day after the Syrian opposition on Sunday demanded that the Iranian regime be declared an occupying force in Syria. “Iran must be declared an occupying force in Syria,” Ahmad Jarba, the head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, told an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo.

IRGC spokesman General Ramazan Sharif rejected Karimi’s statements, saying the regime ” has only advisers in Syria to transfer its military experience to the Syrian army.”

However, the Iranian regime has declared that a high ranking commander of IRGC has been killed in Syria. The officials identified the commander as Brig. General Mohammed Jamali Paqale.

Gen. Qasem Soleimani, head of Iran’s Quds Force, an elite unit within the IRGC was quoted in a state-run Mehr news agnecy report , praising Jamali’s service in the Iranian regime’s military.

On Tuesday a funeral with full honours was held in south-eastern Iran for Jamali in Kerman.
At his funeral, the IRGC’s deputy chief Gen Hossein Salami vowed that the era of military intervention in ‘Islamic’ countries by ‘world arrogance’ had ‘come to an end’, a state-run news agency reported.

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