Iranian regime’s latest plots against Camp Ashraf residents

Following the failure of eight month long campaign of psychological torture and pressures against Camp Ashraf residents by the agents of Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and terrorist Quds Force who have been stationed at the camp’s entrance, and in reaction to widespread support by people of Iraq’s Diyala province for Ashraf residents, the clerical regime is planning to carry out new plots by its agents in that province.


According to information obtained from inside the regime, the agents are planning to dispense false and provocative propaganda against Ashraf by staging a “photo exhibition” on September 17, 2010 in the city of Khalis in Diyala province near Ashraf.

The regime intends to pretend as if the inhabitants of Diyala want Ashraf residents out, thus, set the ground for an attack against the camp’s residents.

The plan is to be carried out by a number Iranian regime’s Iraqi agents including Khalis governor, Odei Khadhran; head of the support council of Khalis, Ali Al-Zahiri; and an individual identified as Ahlam Ghassem Jassim al-Maliki.

Al-Zahiri went to Iran last August to be briefed by the MOIS in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah and he was assigned to carry out missions against Ashraf. MOIS provided him with large sums of money to distribute among agents who are involved in the mission.

Al-Zahiri is in close contacts with Sheikh Hani, one of the regime’s key elements in Khalis; Abu Tebarak al-Saadi and Abu Heidar Abdulrasoul, two leading officials of terrorist Nine Badr Brigade in Khalis.

Odei Khadhran is a well-known agent of the Iranian regime in Khalis.  He had previously infiltrated a number of Iranian regime’s agents into the Iraqi Army. He was breifly dismissed from his post and placed on house arrest. Later, through the effort by the Iranian regime, he was reinstated. Upon the order of the Iranian regime, he has organized a number of protests against Ashraf in Khalis funded by the regime. 

The Iranian regime’s latest plots are being carried out against the fact that some 480,000 residents of Diyala expressed their support for Camp Ashraf residents last June and condemned the regime’s ploys against them. They also demanded an end to the inhuman siege on Camp Ashraf.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq and the American officials and commanders in that country to the Iranian regime’s plots intended to lay the ground work for its suppressive measures and additional pressures against the residents of Ashraf by spreading lies and waging a psychological war.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 14, 2010

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