Iranian regime’s fallacious pretext for further bloodletting in Camp Ashraf

Camp Ashraf military occupation– No. 89

 Iranian regime’s Fars news agency and its Farsi and Arabic language TV stations in Iraq quoted on Wednesday an Iranian regime’s operative in Iraq, Sadeq al-Husseini,  as saying: “The PMOI has gone further  than just occupying farmland in al-Udhaim region [of Iraq], they  have intentionally prevented water from reaching the rest of the farmlands… they had cut off water to farmlands. they have done so through obstructing the waterway that had passed through the lands they had occupied; thereby causing great damage to agricultural produce in the province.”

These fabricated truths that follow the disclosure of regime’s great lie about PMOI’s occupation of farmland in the region and the ruthless attack of April 8 by the Iraqi forces against Ashraf which left 35 residents killed and 345 wounded, have no objective but to pave the way for another attack against Camp Ashraf.

The Iranian regime and its operatives disseminate such lies while all locals in the region, the U.S. forces, and the international bodies are aware of the fact that Camp Ashraf’s two water pumping stations, build and managed entirely at the expense of Ashraf residents, are providing water to 20,000 villagers in the region in addition to the water consumed in the camp.

The water pumping station at Tigris River was bombed by elements of the Iranian regime’s Qods force on February 8, 2008. In the last three years, the PMOI has spent two million dollars on reconstruction and management of this water pumping station. The second pumping station was built by the PMOI in 1997 in Marfouh village and so far the PMOI has spent 1.5 million dollars on it.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attentions of the United Nations Secretary General; his Special Representative to Iraq, Mr. Ad Melkert; and the U.S. forces in Iraq to the daily attempts by the Iranian regime and its elements in Iraq to conspire against Ashraf. It calls for immediate measures towards assuming protection of Ashraf by the United Nations and U.S. to prevent another humanitarian catastrophe.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 29, 2011

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