Iranian regime’s ambassador should be expelled from Baghdad, Allawi says

As protests grow over the Iranian regime’s extensive and destructive meddling in Iraq, including commission of terrorist attacks and obstructing the formation of a new government, Tehran’s new ambassador to the country has warned that he will file complaints against those who talk about Iranian regime meddling.

The comments in fact fanned the flames of anger in Iraq towards the regime with Dr. Iyad Allawi, the leader of the winning list during the March elections, demanding the expulsion of the regime’s ambassador, Hassan Danaifar.

According to al-Hurra TV on Thursday, Mr. Allawi asked the Iranian regime’s foreign ministry to appoint another ambassador to Iraq.

Dr. Allawi told the TV, “The Iranian regime’s meddling as such in Iraq’s internal affairs is unacceptable and we hope that the Iraqi government would refuse to welcome the regime’s ambassador and call for a replacement so that it can bravely defend the dignity and honor of Iraq and its people.

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