Iranian regime’s agents set up 22 new loudspeakers and more checkpoints to further harass Ashraf residents

Maliki is trying to win second term as prime minister by fulfilling the conditions set by the Iranian regime

As efforts by Nouri al-Maliki to remain as Iraq’s prime minister for the second term fails once again and while divisions within the ranks of forces affiliated to the Iranian regime deepen, Maliki responds to the conditions set forth by the regime by intensifying suppression and prepare the grounds for a new bloodbath in Camp Ashraf.


With the full backing of a committee within the office of Iraqi Prime Minister that is tasked with suppressing Ashraf residents, the agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) installed 22 new powerful loudspeakers with the help of the Iraqi forces at the southern flank of Ashraf, several kilometers away from the camp’s entrance on Wednesday, October 13. This is in addition to 40 other similar loudspeakers installed at the entrance of the camp. Using these loudspeakers, the MOIS agents have been torturing the residents psychologically for the past nine months. The new installations in the southern flank is aimed to intensify psychological torture of the residents.

In the meantime, the Iraqi forces have brought in trailers and other essential facilities for settlement of the agents at the southern part of the camp. These facilities were provided to the Iraqi forces last year by Ashraf residents for the protection of the camp.

The installations allocated to the agents had been set up previously for protection of Ashraf but now they are handed over to those who have blatantly been threatening the residents with death, burning down of the camp and extradition and annihilation of the residents.

An Iraqi military lieutenant, Heidar Azab, who accompanied the agents when they were installing the loudspeakers, threatened the residents and broke the window of the cabin used by them. He takes orders directly from the regime and has attacked Ashraf residents on number of occasions, beating and injuring them.

On the other hand, the Iraqi forces have set up a new checkpoint in the main street of the camp since October 12 and it is manned by armed forces. The commanders of the suppressive Iraqi forces have threatened the residents who protested the suppressive measure in a totally peaceful protest with attacks and aggression.

On October 1, the Iraqi forces set up a new check point on the northern flank of the camp and when the ?residents protested their move they were attacked and 10 of them were wounded.

On Tuesday, October 12, while a judicial delegation from Khalis Court went to Ashraf, Iraqi forces refused the residents to have access to the delegation by creating various obstacles and did not allowed those who had made complaints against the criminal acts of the Iraqi forces and MOIS agents to present their witness statements to the delegation. Iraqi forces had formerly prevented twice the entry of the judicial delegation to the camp. As instructed by the committee tasked with suppression of Ashraf, the police station inside the camp has been refusing to accept the complaints made by the residents.

According to the reports from inside the clerical regime, few weeks ago, Iranian authorities told Maliki’s special envoy that escalating suppression and pressure on Ashraf residents and siege on the camp are part of one of the two conditions set by the mullahs to offer their full support for Maliki as a candidate for premiership and to make other Iraqi factions affiliated to the regime to support his second term in office.

Cruel siege and increasing suppressive measures by the Iraqi government and forces against Ashraf residents who are all protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention are considered as crimes against humanity and violation of international law. The United Nations and the US government are undoubtedly responsible for the protection of Ashraf residents.

The Iranian Resistance calls for deployment of the American forces and the UN monitoring team inside Ashraf and an end to the psychological torture and suppressive measures against its residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 15, 2010

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