Iranian regime unable to counter protests, official suggests

An official of the Iranian regime has pointed to the inability of the clerical rulers to confront popular uprisings and protests, saying, “We still have not comprehended the sedition movement, and it will come to the fore once again.”

Mullah Ebrahimi, who acts as the deputy chairman of the regime’s security and foreign policy committee in Majlis (Parliament), described the 2009 uprisings by the Iranian people against the clerical dictatorship as a “movement of sedition” and hinted that more protests will take place in reaction to the regime’s plans to lift subsidies.

He was quoted by the state-run Fars news agency on Thursday as saying, “As long as the movement of sedition has not been completely understood, its culprits will use any opportunity, including the targeted subsidies plan, to come to the fore. The establishment must act in a way to prevent the forces of sedition from exploiting such opportunities.”

He added, “Identifying such a movement requires a lot of work, which the intelligence, security and political organs must carry out.”

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