Iranian regime tasks its Iraqi proxy for a show outside Camp Ashraf

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 170

The Iranian regime has hastily tasked its Iraqi proxy, the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq, to gather paid agents at the southern and eastern gates of Camp Ashraf on Friday (December 9). This is the Iranian regime’s reaction to the international consensus against the illegal and suppressive deadline of 31 December 2011 for closure of Camp Ashraf.

On Tuesday, in a UN Security Council session, the United Nations called on Iraq to extend the deadline. On Wednesday (7 December),  the US Congress held a hearing on Camp Ashraf in which members of congress condemned the illegal deadline.

The Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq and a commander of the terrorist Quds force, Danaiefar,  has tasked Ammar Hakim, the leader of SICI to launch this show.

These mercenaries plan to pretend that Iraqi people want the expulsion of Mojahedin and the closure of Camp Ashraf. They also plan to provoke confrontation and make a split in the camp’s protection fence in order to infiltrate it.

In preparation of Friday’s gathering, the organizers held a briefing session in the Iranian regime’s Embassy in Baghdad. It was decided in this meeting that the SICI vehicles as well as Iraqi government’s vehicles be used for transporting the hired mercenaries for the show.

Abu Ali Taweel and Abu Ahmad Khalesi, leaders of ISIC in Diyala province and other agents of the Quds force in the province including Jabbar Maamouri and Nafeh Issa, have been tasked to dispatch the regime’s agents and to hire people for this gathering by offering money to them.

The Iraqi committee in the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office that is tasked with suppression of Ashraf has ordered military forces in Ashraf to use all their security and logistical facilities for the gathering. Since few days ago, the engineering equipment of the Iraqi Army’s 5th Division has been involved in preparations for the presence of these mercenaries.

The Iranian regime’s Embassy and Iraqi committee in charge of suppression of Ashraf have ordered their affiliated news media to participate in the gathering. On Thursday, the Iranian regime’s Arabic language TV set up its satellite dishes outside Ashraf.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 8, 2011

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