Iranian regime seeks to extend prison term for union activist despite promises to release him

The Iranian regime has once against placed a union activist at Tehran’s Bus Company on trial. Mansour Osanlou, the Chairman of the Greater Tehran Bus Company Syndicate, was brought to court in the city of Karaj without his prior knowledge and his lawyers were not present during the trial as they were also unaware of any proceedings.
Interrogators from the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have fabricated a case against Mr. Osanlou to increase the length of his prison term, even as after growing international pressure, the regime’s Minister of Labour had promised the World Labour Organization to free Mr. Osanlou.

Osanlou, a prisoner of conscience, suffers from severe illnesses, including heart, back and eye complications. The medical office at the prison has recommended that he be released on three different occasions.

Another member of the Bus Company Syndicate, Reza Shahabi, who has been detained since June 13 at Ward 209 of Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison, has still not been given an opportunity to contact his family. His family is unaware of Mr. Shahbi’s situation.

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