Iranian regime proxies attack Ashraf: joint project of mullahs’ embassy, Iraqi Prime Ministry against international consensus in opposition to illegal Ashraf closure deadline and attack preparations

Camp Ashraf military occupation – No. 171

Following the widespread international consensus in opposing the repressive 31 December 2011 deadline to close Ashraf and the forceful relocation of the residents, the Iranian regime ordered its proxy faction, the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC), to gather a number of its hirelings to conduct a gathering in support of the mentioned deadline. This gathering was held today, Friday, December 9th, near Camp Ashraf.

Since Diyala Province inhabitants refused to attend previous such gatherings against Ashraf, Danaifar, the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Iraq, tasked the head of SIIC Ammar Hakim to conduct this mission. This group, which was established by Khomeini himself in 1982 during the Iran-Iraq War, in the past three decades, has always been an integral part of the Revolutionary Guards and the terrorist Quds Force.

These proxies, gathering at 11 am near Ashraf’s southern flank, broke the windows of a number of vehicles and inflicted damage to other property by hurling stones, bricks and sticks inside Ashraf’s perimeters

The proxies’ incursion took place with complete support provided by the Iraqi Prime Ministry and Iraqi forces. The Engineering Unit of the Iraqi Army 5th Division had prepared the place during the past few days. Today, the commanders of Diyala Military Operations Command, the commander of Iraqi Army 5th Division, Diyala Police, a number of units of this division and police rapid deployment units were present at the scene, active in assisting the proxies. Army and police units were deployed towards Ashraf placing the high pressure water cannon vehicles adjacent to Ashraf’s security fence.

In their slogans, the proxies called for the expulsion of residents and the arrest and retribution of PMOI leaders. The Iranian regime’s Arab language TV channel Al-Alam, reporting from the scene, said: The people “are sending a clear message to the Government that by the year’s end this group has no place in Iraq and this demand corresponds to the Government’s decision to expel the PMOI.”

In addition to the individuals from the SIIC, elements from the Quds Force including Sheikh Jabbar al-Mamouri and Nafe Issa were stationed in Ashraf’s southern flank and by chanting death to Monafeq [the regime’s derogatory term to describe the PMOI] slogans, called for the arrest and retribution of the residents.

To organize this gathering, the Iranian embassy in Baghdad spent huge sums of money. It paid each participant 15,000 Dinars, and much more to other proxies who were dispatched to the scene under the cover of reporters.

Qassem Tawil, the brother of Ali Tawil, head of SIIC Diyala branch, distributed the money funded by the embassy.
The recent activities of the mullahs’ regime and its puppet government in Iraq are clearly setting the stage for an assault on Ashraf and another bloodbath. To this end, the Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the U.S. Government and the UN to their responsibilities in this regard, and to prevent a new catastrophe from transpiring, urges for the stationing of UN forces and UNAMI permanent monitors at Ashraf.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 9, 2011

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