Iranian regime provocations antagonize Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry announced this week that an organized network acting against the country’s national security has been arrested, according to Radio Farda.

Three mortars and seven guns belonging to the group were confiscated along with writings promoting religious extremism.

The group was led by an individual identified as Mohsen Samadov and his deputy Enayat Samadov, who have ties to the Iranian regime.

In a previous interview with the regime’s Azeri TV, Sahar, they had called for inciting instability in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Azeri officials say that the Iranian regime is organizing extremist religious groups in their country to foster instability. The country has on many occasions expressed anger over the Iranian regime’s infiltration and acts by extremist elements tied to the regime.

Recently, the director of the socio-political bureau of the presidential office in Azerbaijan said at a press conference that the regime’s Sahar TV broadcasts programming intended to disrupt the socio-political environment in the country, and “we have protested against the measures to the Iranian regime’s organs.”


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