Iranian regime official: “Our TV programs have no viewers”

A member of the Iranian regime’s Assembly of Experts confessed in a thinly veiled statement on Monday that the Iranian people despise state-run TV programs and do not watch them. According to the state-run Fars news agency, Haeri Shirazi pointed to the failure of the regime’s suppressive policy of preventing free access to information through satellite channels, and said, “We may be able to tell people that buying, selling and using satellites is bad and should be banned. … But, tomorrow, with more technological advancements, there may be, for example, smaller satellite dishes which would be able to receive signals from inside the house [without the regime’s agents being able to see it]. Then would we have to search houses one by one to see who has a satellite dish?”

Shirazi added, “So, even if satellites are banned, this is not sufficient because of technological advancements. Of course, it would not be bad to continue to impose restrictions as long as those advancements have not taken place.”

With regards to the extremely low viewership of the regime’s TV programs, Shirazi said, “We are saying that the current situation is not so much in our favour. Our [TV] productions do not have any viewers. They are not attractive enough. It is just like our soccer. Our soccer team is ranked 70th in the world just like our cultural, TV and film productions.”

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